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Trigger Words, Personalities and
Special Announcement

High Wycombe Ghost Tours, 
Hellfire Caves and Psychometry

Background of KJ Hauntings,
Scariest Location and
KJ Hauntings Channel

Candle Magic,
Awakening The Crystals and
The Psychic Teas Show

Golden Dawn, Auras and
Loftus: The Hall of Dreams

Effectiveness of Recordings, 
Lissan House and
Credulous Paranormal

Mysterious Pembrokeshire,
Animal Apparitions and
Measuring Techniques

The Morrigan, Norse Mythology
and Fairies

UFOs and UAPs, 
Monitoring Extraterrestrial Phenomena 
and SkySightings.NI

Paragals.Ireland Divulge,
Irish Military War Museum and
Top Gadgets

Temperance Hall Review

Oliver Cromwell,
Cromwellian Ghosts of the UK and 
Cromwellian Ghosts of Ireland


Halloween Extravaganza III

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