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On Behalf of GhostÉire we like to thank the Owners, Staff, 'Spirits' for giving us their free time and welcoming us into locations to carry out our research into the Paranormal.

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We are a paranormal team based in Ireland. We investigate historical haunted locations along with places that have never been investigated before, using equipment with scientific emphasis and conducting old traditional experiments. Our objective is to find answers to the supernatural, to delve deep into specific detail and to try numerous varied techniques in making contact.

We are also available for private consultations for a suggestive fee between both parties.

Any Photographs, Video Footage and Audio Recordings taken on a GhostÉire Investigation are the property of GhostÉire and are copyrighted for only GhostÉire’s use. Any new experiments created by GhostÉire are also copyrighted and are only for GhostÉire’s Scientific and Spiritual research only.

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